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People Change.


“People change and things go wrong,

But just remember that life goes on.”

-Marilyn Monroe

I feel like more than ever, I’ve seen recently how much people can change – quickly, too. Sometimes it is like you turn away for a split second and when you look again, someone you have known so well is almost unrecognizable. At times, these things are bearable or understandable; at other times, you can hardly stand to hear what this person has to say. Sometimes it is like you never even knew the person at all and they never knew you either. I guess one has to realize that life goes on, of course, and maybe you too have changed. It is just a part of life, I believe.

I need to realize that, too.

And just to make everyone a little happier – some animated gifs (:


Feel better Justin 🙂



The Best Things (:



“The best things cannot be told.”

-Heinrich Zimmer

This quote really struck me when I read it this morning because of how true it is. Some of the best memories are without words, without actions; just felt with the heart. These are usually the moments that cannot be completely described in words yet bring back the biggest smiles and the warmest feelings. ♥

For me, this quote brought back many memories of those kind of moments. Like when my dad still comes in and says goodnight before I go to sleep or when I am sick and my mom makes me hot chocolate with snowman marshmallows. I get that feeling when my grandma sends me a letter, when someone I haven’t talked to in a while writes on my wall, when I sing in the Youth Choir, when I get to hold my nieces and nephews, and even when I sit in studyhall and e-mail back and forth with Rachel, who is sitting right across from me.

I’m currently on an antibiotic for a bacterial infection and hopefully getting better soon! Unfortunately I’ve had to miss work, school, and now District Honors Choir but I need to get better, hm? Momma is making me a pot pie and we’re watching The Time Traveler’s Wife! ♥

Be You.


“You are always the best at being you,

Even if you don’t know who you are yet.”

-Justin R. Swails

In a long telephone conversation, my intelligent boyfriend said this to me and it struck me as the perfect quote for today to follow up yesterday’s post. Why? Because it seems as though the world pressures people to follow the example of others whether it is your parents, celebrities, political figures, etc. and sometimes that is taken to the point where people become copies. There is obviously an extreme difference in looking up to someone as a role model and taking their personality and characteristics as your own. It is quite a shame, really, because you were born you for a reason.

Like I said yesterday, each of us is a different piece of artwork. Not one piece of artwork can ever be exactly or perfectly duplicated. While there may be replicas of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, there is only one version of the original (hence the word original). The thing is that there is a reason for each piece of artwork. Whether it is an inspiration to make music or dance, a therapy for someone who is sick, a representation of someone’s feelings – there is a purpose for each of us on this planet.

That’s why you mustn’t be a copy. Who can serve your purpose besides you?

Who I Am, Who I Am Not.


“I’ve learned that no one can tell me who I am,

but those people who have torn me down

have surely showed me who I am not!”


I chose this quote for today because of how relevant it is to everyday life. It seems as though our purpose in life is to find out “who we are” and never give up on that person. However, I see life as a piece of artwork that is never truly finished. Each day for the whole of our lives, we find something knew about ourselves: things we enjoy participating in, types of people we love, foods we like or dislike …. our palettes are forever-changing!

I’ve also noticed in my own experience that while no one can define who we are (if we choose not to let them), people truly shape our lives in many ways. The experiences we have with others, how we view people, the way that people treat us all play a role in how we view ourselves and act later. Think about the people who have shaped you.

What or who has made you choose to stay and not stray from the path you are on?

Good Morning, Sunshine <3


I woke up to a text this morning quoting Forrest Gump’s “Momma:”

“Life is like a box of chocolates; You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Preceding this message were the lyrics from Michigan J. Frog’s “Hello, My Baby.”

After such a fantastic weekend, this week is just destined to be great, I think. I might be getting a cold or something, though, because my throat feels like someone is shoving sandpaper down it. 😦


I also promised a special someone to post my favorite animated gifs. 🙂

Justin! It’s EPI! ♥

A Weekend to Remember.

A Weekend to Remember.

This weekend was surely one to remember. A three-hour drive through Ohio’s lovely snow belt is always a thrill, of course, but the best part of the weekend was obviously seeing some of the very best people in my life. I think I’ve learned in the past year how important yet rare friendship is. I’ve seen strong companionship slip away suddenly in a storm and watched it grow back into blossom when sunshine returned. I’ve also had friendship fly away as quickly as paper on a windy day. There is also friendship that loses it’s beauty after time or when too much or too little is said. These sort of friendships that are fickle or become bittersweet or dreary make the ones that last seem golden, even through the bumps in the road.

After enough laughter, smiles, dinner rolls, jokes, songs, tickle-fights, crazy driving, hugs, Pacman-kicking, pictures, stars, pizza, eating with forks, “in-tents” camping, biting into food, and, of course, love, I’ve seen how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life. Thank you to you two, Justin and Trent, for making me see how fortunate I am not just to have you both, but for all the lovely people I’m lucky enough to know. You two make fun of me more than anybody else I know, embarrass me, make me feel stupid, act like I don’t exist, and hit me in the head with Pacman, but you are two of the most important and influential people in my life. Thank you for always being there for me, supporting me, encouraging me, and for never giving up on me. You never fail to be honest and upfront and you are always yourselves, no matter where you are or who you’re with. Even better, you accept me for who I am and never ask me to be anything else; that means the world to me. I’m glad I can count on you both to never change; that makes you two of the most remarkable people I know! Time spent with you two is always the best – weird, but the best – and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I thought I should let you know how much I appreciate and love you both! ♥

As our Youth Choir director, Charles R. Snyder, once said before a Cardinal Chorale concert, it is not the days that you remember but the moments. ♥