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Let It Be.


Song for Today:

And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me
Shine until tomorrow, let it be
I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah, let it be
There will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

“Let It Be” – The Beatles

As I conclude my “lesson” today, I want to be on a happier note, I think. Well, you know I love the Beatles so I was playing the infamous Beatles 1 album this morning while I got ready for school. I said that sometimes you just have to move on and that’s definitely true, and this song just summed it up for me! I feel like so much bad and annoying and obnoxious has been going on lately, all just bogging me down! I’m usually the kind of person who just lets things go but it has been so hard to just sit and watch! Anyway, this song made me realize that if we just let things go and chill, eventually there will be an answer.

I think I have just been so tired of fussing and fighting and arguing and getting worked up over petty issues and feeling insecure….I’m just overwhelmed! So my last thought for today is to get my mind off of all the bad things and focus on what needs to be done (Anatomy test, English quiz, Statistics quiz, and some other miscellaneous)  along with what I  need (positive mental and emotional health, maybe?).

I hope if anyone else is struggling today, you can let it be as well.


Moving Along


“Pain is inevitable.

Suffering is optional.”

-The Dalai Lama (:

My inspirational quote for this morning, folks, sent to my favorite people! (: I think this quote goes along with my message recently about being hurt and feeling hurt. I think the last part of this “lesson” is to remember that when people hurt you, you are not forced to suffer or dwell. It is so easy to feel upset, sad, mad, etc. and that is okay sometimes! Yes, at times you cannot control the way that people act, but you can choose to be strong and move on.


Trust me, I understand that it is hard, but like I said yesterday, you can do it! You are worth it!

Just in case you are having an iffy day, I’m attaching a few pictures (stupid, yes, but nonetheless) that made me smile yesterday!

Hahah, I’m still laughing (:



Quote-Reading This Morning….

“I’ve learned that no matter how good a friend someone is,

they’re going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.”

I guess that reading this quote made me realize that no matter what, you are going to get hurt. Maybe hurting is a part of life – like we have to hurt to remember what being happy feels like? Going to Justin’s this weekend definitely reminded me of what happiness feels like – to get to do absolutely NOTHING at all but relax, attack pomegranates, and play Jenga. I feel like I’m always going and doing…. it makes it so difficult to just sit and do nothing when I know that there is something I could be doing.

But about being hurt. Yeah, it’s a given – you will get hurt. To be honest, though, there are people who take advantage of that and hurt you often. That is different than someone hurting you once or twice. I feel like there are sometimes you just HAVE to GET MAD!  I have this tendency to let things go but then stew over them by myself until I get so overwhelmed with feelings and then …

E X P L O D E!

I realized, though, that it is much easier to always remember that people are going to make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes may hurt you. While you don’t always have to get mad or upset, you certainly don’t have to be walked on either. Sometimes standing up for yourself is the hardest yet most rewarding thing you can do. It isn’t always easy and it doesn’t always fix the problem at hand, but when people think that you are weak, they can so simply make you feel that way!

Don’t let them. You are worth it.

Words Hurt


I found a quote this morning….

“Bruises mark the surface; words sink in deep.”

I pondered this quote after reading it once or twice and realizing its relevance. I’ve been wondering lately about how people can possibly be so hurtful without a care in the world and this quote made me see what an impact words have on others. While some words are often misunderstood and taken in a different context, some are said with intention to sting deep within another person. Of course, everyone is guilty of saying something hurtful at least once in his or her life, if just once is even possible. But what about those people that consistently hurt our feelings? What do we do about them?

To be quite honest with you, I didn’t approach this blog post with any advice because I really have no idea myself; this is just a wandering thought. It just amazes me how some people have the inability to be kind and caring, how some can just speak hate without thinking and without regretting. It’s truly sad, I have to say; I wish the world could be filled with peaceful and happy people!

Question to Ponder: How can you profess to know someone so well but say the things you know will hurt his or her feelings?

I know my blog is usually full of sunshine and inspiration, but I guess the sky is a bit overcast today. :/

When you say things, think about the effect they may have on the person with whom you are talking. Please.

There Is A Time <3


“To everything there is a season, to everything there is a time;

For every purpose under Heaven, there is a time, a proper time.

To live and die, to plant and harvest; to kill and heal, to wreck and build.

To cry and laugh, to mourn and dance; there is a time, a proper time.

A time to cast away, to bring together; A time to be embraced, to be alone.

To find and lose, to keep and give; there is a time.

To tear apart, to mend together; to be silent  and to speak.

To love and hate for war and peace; there is a time, a proper time.”

-To Everything There Is A Season (sung by the All-Ohio Youth Choir)


The lyrics of this song are almost directly taken from the lovely Ecclesiastes 3, one of my favorite passages in the Bible. Why, you ask? Because it is a definite reassurance of what oft seems so obvious – everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it is so hard to remember when something takes us by surprise or completely knocks us off our feet.

I’ve seen how important and relevant this song has been in the past week – sorry about my lack of blogging, I needed some time to myself – when everything seemed to be a whirlwind of “wrong.” I guess I’ve seen that no matter what happens, there is a reason for everything and everything will turn out how it is supposed to. This passage ties in with the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” concept because you can always try to make it through the rough times.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I’ll be back on Monday 🙂


Photography (:


“If you see something that moves you and then snap it, you keep a moment.”

-Linda McCartney

I don’t think I ever realized how much a photo can mean. Maybe it is the only one you have of yourself at a time when you were different or with a person you may never see again. It can be a reminder of a happy time or a time that you want to cherish forever. What do people pay the most for at a wedding? A photographer. Why? To capture the “happiest moment” of the couple’s life. Photos are everywhere – take a look while you are surfing the web sometime or just going about your daily life. How many photos do you think you see in a day?

I’ve been really diving into my photography lately – I love the new camera I got for Christmas. It is a Nikon P300 and I just adore it – it is compact but takes wonderful pictures. It seems as though my dog has been my specimen of choice these days but I have also snapped some photos of recent kitchen creations! I can’t wait for spring when the flowers start bursting from the ground – the photos will be fantastic! (: