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Family & Friends Make the World Go ‘Round <3


Well, now that I’m in the mood…

I’ve decided that it is important to not only recognize the little things in life, but also those people who bring smiles to our days and laughter to our heart. I think sometimes they go unnoticed and we often fail to thank them for their influence in our lives. Well, here is my thank you to those dear folks in my life; who are yours?

♥ My Momma

I guess you could say that I would’t be here without her, huh? But besides that, she is a great friend and confidence when I really need her. Through the ups and the downs, she is always there for me and I feel lucky to call her mom.


I grew up as the daddy’s girl, a tomboy at heart. From pitching softballs in the front yard to learning how to use a lawnmower to playing Barbies, my dad did everything with me. I know that if I ever needed a thing, my dad would be right there before anybody else.

Grandma’s Cookies…

It wasn’t really the cookies, honestly, but my grandmas are the best. One taught me all about being a good person and the other took me to all the beaches in Huron just to see the water and play on the playgrounds. I could promise anyone that time spent with grandma is irreplaceable.

Best Friend.

The one who has gotten me through so much grief, tears, anger, smiles, and laughter: Justin. I know that no matter where we go in life, we will always be friends who love to goof off, have fun, and LAUGH. You are wonderful and I love you.


To have the one thing I’ve always wanted but never thought I would get is the best thing I could ever ask for. Jeremy, thank you for adopting me and loving me like any brother would. I couldn’t ask for a better big brother; you win overall.

Chorale Buddy 🙂

Oh Katie, what we have been through. From standing next to each other on the risers, to cuddling in bed at night, to showering together at our host houses, we have been through so much and still love each other to death. You are an amazing friend and I would be lost without youuuu.

Seesters are related friends♥

I was blessed with two beautiful half sisters who grew apart from me . . . maybe in distance, but never in heart, right? We’ve grown up to be great friends and that I am thankful for, along with my five lovely nieces and nephews!

High School Besties are never forgotten.

Rach and JordieLeigh: you got me through high school. From stupid fights, getting ready for dances, passing notes in class, sending each other crazy emails, all the way to visiting your sick friend in the hospital, you were both thee best friends I could ever ask for. I’m going to miss you so much! I already do. ♥

Oh, and my dog.

I know I mentioned him as a “thing” last night, but my dog is truly a person in my mind. This animal knows exactly when I’m upset and never leaves my side until I’m smiling. Call me crazy, but I love my dog.

“Friends and family are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life.”



My Ten Favorite Things (Other Than People)


I Believe:

Everyone has things in their lives that make the day simpler. I got this idea from another blog, though it was one hundred things (maybe I’ll get that far someday), but I thought it would be a great way to highlight the good things in life. I think sometimes we take the little things for granted and just get used to them….maybe after awhile we forget how important they are in our lives.Well, here are the top ten things in my life; what are yours?

#1. My Dog

The guy I’m going to miss the most while I’m at college! Adopted from a rescue shelter, my family and I helped nurse Jersey back to health; he was a tough little guy. I swear he understands me more than I think; he knows right when to be by my side!

#2. Notebooks

I sure love my writing! Now that I’ve adapted to writing my stories on the computer, I don’t use notebooks as often, but I used to fill them with my handwritten novellas. I have piles of them but still love to write away (:

#3. Music

Oh, my sweet escape. What emotion is there that music fails to describe?

#4. Lake Erie

I’ve grown up around it and it will always hold a place in my heart. Seeing the water always seems to calm any frustration..

#5. Lucky Charms

My breakfast every morning and sometimes a late-evening snack. It can be eaten moist or dry; it doesn’t matter!

#6. My Droid X

Since most of my friends live so far away, it’s nice to be able to keep in contact so easily. Honestly, the best phone ever made in my opinion! Can’t say I could go a day without it. ♥

#7. The Ohio State University

My newest home! The achievement I am most proud of….How firm thy friendship – OHIO! ♥

#8. My MacBook Pro

Truly the most useful companion. Perfect for my blog, social media, photo-editing, and story-writing!

#9. The Ohio State Fair

Ah, how the fair never ceases to amaze me! The food, the many different people, the animals, the rides, and the festivities! I don’t know if I can go a summer without visiting the good ‘ol fair, even when I’m out of the youth choir!

#10. Crocheting

Everyone needs something that calms them down and for me it would be crocheting. Whether I am sad, angry, or even happy, I can take it out on my work. What a wonderful hobby!

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

-Mother Teresa