It’s Crunch-Time!


Have No Fear, Stephanie is Here!

What am I talking about?! I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing!

 Move-In Day at The Ohio State University is approaching quickly for those last-minute packers (like myself). The difficulty of leaving mommy and daddy’s house for the first time is setting in too, even for those who are excited. For an only child with parents dreading their experience of empty-nest syndrome, these next couple days are bound to be a little emotional!

Though I am clueless myself, I thought that my few pointers to avoid the nervousness about leaving may be helpful…

 Step #1: Take A Breather

A new experience awaits and, of course, that is a scary thought. We have no idea what we’re getting into and that makes us worry; the unknown is something nobody likes. Sit back and think about where you’ve been and where you’re going. The path is just beginning here, but to savor it, you must remember what you’ve done to get here. Personally, I think about graduation and the bits of fun I had in high school.

Step #2: Calm Yourself

It’s definitely okay to be afraid, nervous, and even anxious. Try to remember that while things are frightening at first, eventually you become accustomed and realize that there was nothing to be afraid of (like the monsters under the bed). If you’re like me, comfort food always helps; these days, it’s kettle corn. You can also make something that will reassure you like a map of campus noting where your classes, favorite study spots, or even friends’ dorms are located. Mine is below! 🙂

Step #3: Write it All Down

Whether it be blogging, typing, or using a good ol’ notebook (my personal preference), writing is a great way to get out the deepest and innermost thoughts spiraling around your head. With so much going on, it’s always nice to be able to release stress. Writing, doodling, and scribbling are all a wonderful part of the venting process!

Step #4: Spend Time with Family

It could be mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, your dog, or your fish. Whoever it is, you have to face the fact that you’re leaving them for a good amount of time. Of course, it’s different, and that’s why spending a good amount of time with family and friends before you leave is a perfect thing to get your mind off of leaving. My family and I went to Amish Country yesterday for a day of eating yummy food and window-shopping. Whether it’s going somewhere, playing a board game, or just sitting around the dinner table for once, spend some time with those you are leaving behind!

Step #5: Find What Makes You Comfortable

Leaving your neck of the woods is a little unsettling; a new room, new people and a new home await you at college. Take things that will remind you of the place and the people you have left behind. In my case, I printed some pictures to hang up around my room so I know that I’m never alone. Buying some college gear to make you feel more at home and a part of a group while on campus might be a great start to moving in. Check out my Buckeyes key-chain from Amish Country and my OSU tumblr cup! Hey, read the book! 🙂

Step #6: PACK

Okay, yeah…there isn’t really any way to make this more exciting but it is a necessary evil. My best advice would be staying organized and maybe spreading out so you remember what you’ve already packed. There are great packing lists and storage bins all over the place to help you feel more comfortable with packing everything up. For me, I decided to only take stuff for the end of summer and the beginning of fall because I’ll see my parents to exchange clothes before it gets colder!

What makes this process a little bit easier is remembering that every ending is a new beginning. Getting to college has taken twelve long years of hard work and determination. This is the start to our future!

Here We Come! New Buckeyes of 2012 🙂


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