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You Deserve Better


Shout Out to Anyone Hurting Today

What does it feel like to be hurt by the person you love? Can you describe in words exactly what that feels like?

I’ve tried. I still don’t have a description.

But whatever it is, it isn’t pleasant; in fact, I’m absolutely sure that there’s nothing like it.

However, we were made to be strong people. We are people that strive to be positive and to be happy. So, how can you do that when you’re hurting? Trust me, I know it seems impossible. But here is what I’ve learned:

Think About Who Hurt You.

Did you deserve it? Probably not. Nobody deserves to be hurt. Does this happen often? Do you consistently feel this way? Please listen to me and understand that it won’t get better.

I’ve learned that sometimes all you can do is try; you can give every single piece of yourself and find that it still isn’t good enough, that they want more. Sometimes you keep trying to give and to give and to find more within yourself that might satisfy them, pacify them. But it won’t. It never will. All that happens is you find yourself near complete destruction.

This sounds extreme, and it is if you think about it, but these things just happen over time and sometimes you don’t even see it. Open your eyes, okay?

This is my piece of sunshine for you: You are worth it and you don’t deserve anything less than the best, no matter who you are. You deserve to be treated with respect. You deserve to be free to accomplish your goals and dreams. You deserve to feel loved.

It’s hard, but let the bad out of your life.

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A New Change.


Hey Friends.

So. Where do I start? This year has not gone as I’ve planned, despite how happy my last post (in October) sounded. I don’t know if I should go into extreme details, but I just want to start over as I have in the other aspects of my life.

At first I thought about starting a completely new blog, but then I thought no. This has been my blog from the beginning, and it is the one thing I won’t throw away. So here I am, my lovely subscribers and readers, blogging sunshine per usual.

I have learned so much in the past month, so many things I had never really seen before. I’ve learned how to be an adult and how to be independent. I’ve realized how important my parents and my friends are in my life. And I’ve especially seen how much I’ve missed blogging!

So, I’m back for real this time. And that’s a promise. Got it?

From this blog on, it is a new beginning. A new journey.

Trust me. I’ve got a lot to share 🙂