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Where You’re Supposed to Be


As I’m sure you’ve read…

Things in my life didn’t really go as planned. I started this blog when I was in high school – when I wanted to change the world – and when I went to college, a lot of things changed. I had the best of everything, really. I was accepted to The Ohio State University in the Honors Program. I had a supportive family. I liked my classes. I was doing research at the children’s hospital. I had a job. I was making a lot of friends. And in what seemed like a short amount of time, everything changed.

Looking back, it still feels like a rug got pulled out from beneath my feet. I had everything set right in front of me, and look at where I am now – somewhere completely different than I would’ve ever expected.


Through the experiences I had during that period of time – good, bad, and really bad – I found what happiness really is. Yeah, that sounds corny, but hang on.

I think we have this ideal in our minds of what our lives should be like or what we should be doing, but is that really true? Life hands us a lot of different choices, many different paths from which to choose. I think we often find ourselves choosing the paths others expect of us, and then find ourselves empty.

But happiness isn’t always found in expectations. It’s not always in what people see you doing or what you would be best at doing. It’s not always with the people you should be around or in the place you should be at:

Wherever you end up, you were supposed to get there.

I was meant to go to big places – a big university, a big city. I wanted to have some monumental career, my name on a plaque or in some published article. I thought I could change the world by overexerting all of my energy into school and my job. I thought I needed people just like me all around me to push me.

The truth? I burned out. Yeah, that’s right. It didn’t work out. I didn’t meet my own expectation. So I moved back home, started going to a smaller school, found a full-time job, made new friends. And you know what?


That’s the real truth. I found happiness when I let go of the expectations I put on myself and when I stopped thinking about what other people expected of me. When I put away the should bes and could bes and would bes and did what I wanted to do. 

As cliche as it sounds, people – everything happens for a reason. Where you are right now at this very moment – whether you’re reading blogs to pass time waiting for an appointment or being lazy on break at work, whatever – is where you’re supposed to be. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. Even if you have no idea whatsoever what you’re doing with your life. Even if you know you want to be doing something else. There’s a reason.

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Mother’s Day Flowers


It’s Mother’s Day!

Honestly, the one thing I always think about on Mother’s Day is the TV show Full House when Jesse tries to teach Nicky and Alex a song to sing to Becky: “What day is today? Today is Mother’s Day!” Sorry. 90s kids issues.

Anyway. I thought about what you’re supposed to give a mom on Mother’s Day, and I think of flowers first. I got my mom some peach roses and white chrysanthemums, but what about all of you?

Here are some pictures I took when I first got home from school and spring had definitely sprung in my yard!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms!

If you’re not a mom, enjoy the flowers 🙂













Freshman Year. Check.


Well hey.

I guess you can say I got swept up in the end of the year and that would be true! I got really involved with my church and then finals came along and things were really crazy. But I am back home now for the summer, a birthday has passed (yes, I’m nineteen), and I’m done with my freshman year of college. Wow, that’s really hard to believe.

I’d like to recap this past year at college. No, I’d like to recap what I’ve learned. Why? Because I would never go back and relive my freshman year again, but I have sure gained a lot of knowledge from it.

You know, it isn’t even my college experience. It just happened to be the time that this took place. My life at Ohio State was great. I met some great people, learned a lot of great things, and participated in so many great activities. But, most importantly, I have found out who I am. This wasn’t until recently, literally in the last two months, but I have realized what it is to figure out who you are. People say they just “get it” one day and know who they are, but I believe that you find yourself in the lowest of low.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.23.57 AM


Because in that dark place, when you’re probably alone and you feel like you have no one, you’re just stuck with yourself. You and yourself have to pick up the pieces. You may find someone that is willing to help you, but when it comes down to it, it’s all up to you. The best part is, though, that as you pick up each piece, each brick that makes you YOU, and start putting things back together, you learn a little bit more of yourself. When you’re broken, some of those pieces can’t be replaced, so sometimes you have to recreate that part of your life and that’s a good thing. That’s how you figure out who you are.

So who am I?

I’m just a girl. A simple girl. I was raised in the suburbs. I go to The Ohio State University. I strive for perfection. I have big dreams. I try my best at almost everything I do. I love God. I love my dog. I love extra cheese on anything. I have a great family. I have amazing friends. I really enjoy driving my car around with the windows down and the music loud. I have a thing for Peter, Paul & Mary and The Beatles. I play the piano and sing at the top of my lungs when I’m home alone. I’m a little weird.

I may be just a girl. But I am ME; the ME I figured out by myself.

That’s what I’m proud of. ♥




Don’t Think Twice


So, we all know I love

Peter, Paul and Mary


Okay, in case you’re unfamiliar, they were super popular in the 1960s for their folk music.

They did a cover of one of Bob Dylan’s pieces that is personally one of my favorites, Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right. 

I feel inspired by this today.

This song could probably be interpreted as one about a break-up, obviously, but I feel like it’s more than that. It’s as if the narrator is walking away from something that he appreciated and loved, and most likely learned something from, and he’s just giving himself a little pep talk. Like “hey, I know this sucks, but it’s going to be all right.

It’s really a pure genius of a song:


It ain’t no use to sit and wonder why, babe; it don’t matter anyhow.

And it ain’t no use to sit and wonder why, babe, if you don’t know by now.

When the rooster crows at the break of dawn, look out your window and I’ll be gone.

You’re the reason I’m traveling on; don’t think twice, it’s all right.


To me, this song is sort of  saying, “I’m not happy anymore and I can tell that you don’t really care about me, so I’m just gonna go.” Obviously, it isn’t that easy to get up and go, but you know what I mean. I think I’ve spent so much time feeling sad and angry that I haven’t thought about the good times – maybe I’m not quite ready yet – and that is what has made it so hard. When you’re constantly wondering “why,” your mind sort of sticks in one place.

So I think I’m at that point where it’s time to say that I’m ready to move on. Not to someone else, but with my life. I’m ready to do what I want without question, ready to live without worry, ready to follow my dreams! I understand that I’ve been able to do that for a while now, but I just don’t know if I’ve allowed myself to put my whole heart into that ability. Honestly, it’s a really scary thing!

There is no hold on me anymore.

And if you’re feeling the same way today, I hope you know that you are free, too.


It ain’t no use in callin’ out my name, gal – like you never did before.

And it ain’t no use in callin’ out my name, gal; I can’t hear you anymore.

I’m a-thinkin’ and a-wonderin’, walkin’ down the road;

I once loved a woman, a child I’m told; I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul.

But don’t think twice, it’s all right.

One Works Better.


My Favorite Television Show. . .

Is by far ABC’s Nashville, which is on every Wednesday at 10pm, (just in case you want to watch).

Anyway, in the past month or so, along with my present situation, one of the songs off the soundtrack has most definitely been my theme song. Have you ever had one of those songs that just pumps you up and puts you in a better mood right quick? This is one of those songs for me.

The song is called One Works Better sung by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio (Scarlett and Gunnar in the show).

If you haven’t heard it, go listen, but I’m going to paste some of the lyrics here:

Oh, this plane can fly on just one engine; This heart can beat without affection.

I’m not a choice, I’m a natural selection.

Well, this house can stand just fine on it’s own; This hand’s gonna rule without a throne.

I’m not a mother, I’m a queen of invention.

I’m gonna make you see the difference between just quitting and survival.

I’ve got a voice and I’ve made my choice between heartbreak and revival

Oh I know you’ll hate how I make everything look easy to do;

Oh, but it’s my pleasure doing everything better without you,

‘Cause this one works better than two.

6591052807_4bda1bd406_o 5

Have you figured out where I’m going? There’s so much I could say, but I’m trying to keep myself on track.

The point is this: we are all valuable, no matter what you believe, and we deserve to be treated well. We have strength, even if it is merely minute and hidden somewhere deep inside us. We all have the power to tell ourselves that “it will be okay.” And above all, we all have the ability to put our pasts behind us, even if it isn’t the easiest thing to do.

The thing is, it’s okay to struggle. It’s okay to suffer. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be mad.

But then comes the moment that is, in all honesty, up to you in the long run – that moment when you pack up your past in a box and throw it up in the attic, only to be opened up for memories later down the road of life. Some people never make it to this point; like I said, it’s a choice. I decided, though, that it was inevitable – I had to make this choice for my own sanity. It’s not really a one-day thing like spring cleaning; it is a slow process of placing more and more in the box each day. Some days, nothing goes in; some days, some comes back out.

As I’ve heard before, “You take one step forward and two steps back,” and that’s normal.

So. Today will you open up your box? Look inside? Think of what you can toss? Go for it.


“Two wrongs don’t make a right; one leaves the other behind. And I’ve found you only regret when you stay too long with the one that you’ll forget.”

-Nashville ♥



Read This:



Living someone else’s life. That has most definitely been my problem.

What I have learned is this: one day, you will learn that you’ve done too much for someone, that eventually you will see that you aren’t giving up, it’s just that you have nothing left to give. It will become clear that the only thing you can do is walk away and stop doing everything. This is called drawing the line, drawing the line between determination and desperation. I’ve learned that the things that are meant to be yours, eventually will be, and what is not yours, no matter how hard you try, never will be.

So yes. This is hard; this is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It isn’t easy to just stop. It isn’t easy to walk away from something to which you have devoted hours and hours of your life. But what would be better if I stayed? Would I be better? Would I be happier?


I never believed this before, but in the end, all you have is YOU.

Just you. Only you can determine your fate, your future, and your dreams – unless, of course, you let someone dictate that for you. But eventually, that will get old and you will be alone. You will have you. You will have your brain. You will have your thoughts. And what you choose to do with those things is up to YOU.

Let me tell you. Depression is real. Anxiety is real. They make medications for these things, yes. They have counselors and psychologists and psychiatrists all over the world that you can talk to every single day. But if YOU are not determined to feel better, no matter how many drugs you take, you will never get better.

This isn’t to make you feel bad, okay. This is just to remind you that if you want to achieve your dreams, no one is going to push you but you. Your friends, your family, your whoever can encourage you and support you, but if you don’t truly want it and motivate yourself, you won’t reach your goals. So in the end, being happy is a choice. Letting go is a choice, and trust me, this hasn’t been easy for me to accept.

I had to let go of something I dedicated my life to – even if it was the right thing to do – and it was and is still extremely difficult. Sometimes I’m sad. Sometimes I’m terribly angry. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I want to give up. But I know that if I ever want to get where I’ve always wanted to go, I have to push myself. And yeah, that means waking up every single day and counting my blessings to remind myself to be positive. And yeah, that means talking myself out of my sadness and my anger sometimes so I can accomplish what I need to do.

From letting this go, I’ve reminded myself that I matter. That I am the most important thing in my life, because without me, I wouldn’t have a life. If I didn’t take care of myself, there would be no point to living. If I followed what everyone else wanted of me, I wouldn’t have a purpose. Everything else is secondary to that, to what I need. Trust me, that isn’t selfish; everyone deserves it.


You Deserve Better


Shout Out to Anyone Hurting Today

What does it feel like to be hurt by the person you love? Can you describe in words exactly what that feels like?

I’ve tried. I still don’t have a description.

But whatever it is, it isn’t pleasant; in fact, I’m absolutely sure that there’s nothing like it.

However, we were made to be strong people. We are people that strive to be positive and to be happy. So, how can you do that when you’re hurting? Trust me, I know it seems impossible. But here is what I’ve learned:

Think About Who Hurt You.

Did you deserve it? Probably not. Nobody deserves to be hurt. Does this happen often? Do you consistently feel this way? Please listen to me and understand that it won’t get better.

I’ve learned that sometimes all you can do is try; you can give every single piece of yourself and find that it still isn’t good enough, that they want more. Sometimes you keep trying to give and to give and to find more within yourself that might satisfy them, pacify them. But it won’t. It never will. All that happens is you find yourself near complete destruction.

This sounds extreme, and it is if you think about it, but these things just happen over time and sometimes you don’t even see it. Open your eyes, okay?

This is my piece of sunshine for you: You are worth it and you don’t deserve anything less than the best, no matter who you are. You deserve to be treated with respect. You deserve to be free to accomplish your goals and dreams. You deserve to feel loved.

It’s hard, but let the bad out of your life.

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