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Mother’s Day Flowers


It’s Mother’s Day!

Honestly, the one thing I always think about on Mother’s Day is the TV show Full House when Jesse tries to teach Nicky and Alex a song to sing to Becky: “What day is today? Today is Mother’s Day!” Sorry. 90s kids issues.

Anyway. I thought about what you’re supposed to give a mom on Mother’s Day, and I think of flowers first. I got my mom some peach roses and white chrysanthemums, but what about all of you?

Here are some pictures I took when I first got home from school and spring had definitely sprung in my yard!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms!

If you’re not a mom, enjoy the flowers 🙂
















My Lovely Bloggers!

Well hello there! I am so happy to be back! I’m sure you could’ve guessed; I have moved in to college and have started my classes. In fact, the first semester is almost at the half-way point, if you can believe it! To be quite honest, I LOVE Ohio State and being a college student. It has had its rough points with transitioning, learning how to study, and just finding out how to manage being independent. I guess it has been a thrill just understanding what it means to be “free!”

My floor has proved to be amazing; I love the honors dorm and the girls on this floor. It actually surprised me how much we bonded! We go out to eat meals all the time and visit in each other’s rooms; it has made the transition so much easier. I’m usually hanging out in Jamie and Rachel’s room down the hall and Sam finds her way in here too for homework time. We have had so many stupid adventures (without drugs and/or alcohol, I must say!) that we still laugh about to this day!

Classes are pretty good. Honestly, they are GE so nothing is quite intriguing except for FRENCH which I LOVE ♥ and have decided to minor in. After visiting my academic advisor way too many times, I also decided to change my major to Pre-Design which I can begin in the fall of 2013! I also got involved with a few student organizations but have only had time to really participate with two: The OSU Chapter of A Kid Again which volunteers with terminally ill children in local hospitals, and UNICEF-OSU that serves as a fundraising chapter of UNICEF for the United States’ fund. Rachel has gotten involved with me at the first A Kid Again social – blanket making – and that was a blast! I’ve also been accepted to the Buckeyes Blog team and I’m really excited to get involved with Women’s Glee and Mastersingers next semester with Jayma, too! ♥

AH, there is so much to tell but really not enough room to put it all, honestly! I love every minute – well, maybe not every minute – of college and I am so thankful for the people who have helped me through this crazy process. My parents, first of all, for supporting me from day one, moving me in, and listening to me cry about my first D. My sister from another mother, Jayma, for her constant encouragement as I screw up and find my footing. And, of course, my amazing friends Rachel, Sam, and Jamie for just being them. Oh. And my dog.♥

(L) Sam and I met President Gee outside my first OSU football game! (R) Two of my favorite girls, Rachel & Jamie, at the O.A.R. Concert!

(L) Justin came to visit and I took him to his first OSU game! ♥ (R) My roommate, Alisa, and me exploring the Short North.

(L) My beautiful and amazing R.A., Kristin! (R) On the bus for a trip to North Market!

(L) Saw President Gee while he was party-hoppin’! 🙂 (R) Did I mention I became a cheerleader? 😉

(L) Oh, you know. Singing in the rain. Inside. (R) My photography of the O.A.R. concert!

(L) Just building a roof in Rachel & Jamie’s room at 3am. (R) Sam and me in BUCKEYENATION! ♥

(L) Met a $2,000 Brutus at an antique mall in the Short North. (R) BuckeyeNation = HOME♥

And what better way to end than an amazing view from the 11th floor of Thompson Library? ♥



Happy Easter!

Well, it is a little late in the day (bringing the start of school even closer), but still, I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter! This morning I was out and about in the yard with Jersey when I decided to take some photos! (:

Though I am not sure I am ready for all the make-up work when I get back to school, I am looking forward to beginning the road to the end of the year! Also, Justin will be here at the end of the week to celebrate my birthday, therefore, I think I can make it through five days of school. Positivity always works, right?

^The Easter Bunny is real (:

I’m Alive!


My Dearest Friends,

Hello! I have missed you all. After I was “getting better” and returning to work & school, the real problem came out and sent me to the hospital for four-and-a-half days. Yippee! Turns out, according the neurologists and all the other lovely doctors that came to visit me, that all of my issues were merely the onset of “cluster migraines.” Luckily, I have been home a week and am finally feeling MUCH better with the medications and therapy I’ve been given! (:

Worried, of course, Justin came to visit on Wednesday and we had a great time! I showed him around Sandusky & Huron and we took and edited some great pictures for the photo contest I am entering! I will post belowwwww. He also experienced Toft’s ice cream and even the sunset while sitting on the huge rocks at the pier! It was great ♥

While I have been attempting to take a “little outing” each day since my discharge from the hospital, yesterday was my big outing to The Ohio State University! It was the Honors Admitted Students Day and Justin, my parents, and I all went to check it out! We had a great time seeing the residence halls, getting some more information, and even eating at Sloopy’s Diner.

Since my birthday is coming up this week (ahemmmm – Thursday the 12th), my dad gave me my present early – a DROIDX – so Justin could teach me how to use it! It is my first smart phone but I really like the “big screen” as Justin puts it. Will be blogging more often from it, hopefully (:

And NOW, the photos….