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I have a few words to say about you. Yes, you.

First of all, did you know that you are special? That you are loved? That you are important to someone?

Did you know that you’re somebody’s reason to smile and you’re really talented at something?

I’m sure somebody has told you that you have some great quality; something about your personality is awesome.

In fact, I bet there’s somebody somewhere saying or thinking something great about you right now.


Where am I going with this? Well, from here – now that you’re smiling a little – I wanted to just remind you to be yourself.

Are you laughing at my cliché reminder? Well, stop. This is serious. Be yourself.

If I have learned anything in these past few months, it’s that you should never let the world’s opinion of you change you.

Face it, we are already a product of society; how we act, the way we dress, the things we say are all factors that we have learned from the world around us. BUT. There is some reason that we are not all the same. The reason is that there is nobody in this world that is capable of being as good at being you, than you! (I know, it gets more cliché as I go). 


Really, though. No matter what ugly gossip is going around about you. No matter what those girls say behind your back in the break room. No matter what people say you’re bad at. No matter what magazines tell you that your style is lame. No matter what your talent(s) is/are. No matter what time you get in the 5K. No matter what your horoscope says. YOU ARE YOU, and nobody can change that unless you let them. 


Food for thought. ♥


Moving Along


“Pain is inevitable.

Suffering is optional.”

-The Dalai Lama (:

My inspirational quote for this morning, folks, sent to my favorite people! (: I think this quote goes along with my message recently about being hurt and feeling hurt. I think the last part of this “lesson” is to remember that when people hurt you, you are not forced to suffer or dwell. It is so easy to feel upset, sad, mad, etc. and that is okay sometimes! Yes, at times you cannot control the way that people act, but you can choose to be strong and move on.


Trust me, I understand that it is hard, but like I said yesterday, you can do it! You are worth it!

Just in case you are having an iffy day, I’m attaching a few pictures (stupid, yes, but nonetheless) that made me smile yesterday!

Hahah, I’m still laughing (: