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For some reason..

I feel like many of this generation’s women have a hard time communicating their feelings to their husbands, boyfriends, etc. and it can end up causing a lot of problems; miscommunication and misunderstanding are two of the biggest reasons for relational arguments and disagreements.

This is probably because of the rise in social media use; people don’t know how to talk anymore! Therefore, a lot of feelings and emotions end up thrown into subliminal Facebook statuses or quote pictures on Instagram that somehow relate to the way she is feeling at the time.

Do guys take the hint? Well, we don’t really know! 

I guess we post these things hoping that they will be correctly translated – ha!

So here:

-Maybe she wants you to respond to her text message(s) or call to see what’s up.

-Maybe she wants to hang out with you.

-Maybe she wants to feel like you appreciate her and care about her.

-Maybe she wants to go out on a date!

-Maybe she wants you to just tell her how you feel and stop being so confusing.

-Maybe she just wants you to notice her.

-Maybe she wants to be your girlfriend.

-Maybe she’s mad and wants you to see that you really hurt her feelings (whether you think you did or not).

-Maybe she’s sick and wants a cup of tea.

-Maybe she wants you to do yoga with her.

-Maybe she wants you to be proud enough to take her out in public – in the daytime.

-Maybe she wants to stop feeling like the side chick or the second choice.

-Maybe she loves you and wants to tell you but doesn’t know how.

So, there you go. It’s a partial women-men dictionary.

This post is random, I know.

Or maybe it’s subliminal? 🙂




My Lovely Bloggers!

Well hello there! I am so happy to be back! I’m sure you could’ve guessed; I have moved in to college and have started my classes. In fact, the first semester is almost at the half-way point, if you can believe it! To be quite honest, I LOVE Ohio State and being a college student. It has had its rough points with transitioning, learning how to study, and just finding out how to manage being independent. I guess it has been a thrill just understanding what it means to be “free!”

My floor has proved to be amazing; I love the honors dorm and the girls on this floor. It actually surprised me how much we bonded! We go out to eat meals all the time and visit in each other’s rooms; it has made the transition so much easier. I’m usually hanging out in Jamie and Rachel’s room down the hall and Sam finds her way in here too for homework time. We have had so many stupid adventures (without drugs and/or alcohol, I must say!) that we still laugh about to this day!

Classes are pretty good. Honestly, they are GE so nothing is quite intriguing except for FRENCH which I LOVE ♥ and have decided to minor in. After visiting my academic advisor way too many times, I also decided to change my major to Pre-Design which I can begin in the fall of 2013! I also got involved with a few student organizations but have only had time to really participate with two: The OSU Chapter of A Kid Again which volunteers with terminally ill children in local hospitals, and UNICEF-OSU that serves as a fundraising chapter of UNICEF for the United States’ fund. Rachel has gotten involved with me at the first A Kid Again social – blanket making – and that was a blast! I’ve also been accepted to the Buckeyes Blog team and I’m really excited to get involved with Women’s Glee and Mastersingers next semester with Jayma, too! ♥

AH, there is so much to tell but really not enough room to put it all, honestly! I love every minute – well, maybe not every minute – of college and I am so thankful for the people who have helped me through this crazy process. My parents, first of all, for supporting me from day one, moving me in, and listening to me cry about my first D. My sister from another mother, Jayma, for her constant encouragement as I screw up and find my footing. And, of course, my amazing friends Rachel, Sam, and Jamie for just being them. Oh. And my dog.♥

(L) Sam and I met President Gee outside my first OSU football game! (R) Two of my favorite girls, Rachel & Jamie, at the O.A.R. Concert!

(L) Justin came to visit and I took him to his first OSU game! ♥ (R) My roommate, Alisa, and me exploring the Short North.

(L) My beautiful and amazing R.A., Kristin! (R) On the bus for a trip to North Market!

(L) Saw President Gee while he was party-hoppin’! 🙂 (R) Did I mention I became a cheerleader? 😉

(L) Oh, you know. Singing in the rain. Inside. (R) My photography of the O.A.R. concert!

(L) Just building a roof in Rachel & Jamie’s room at 3am. (R) Sam and me in BUCKEYENATION! ♥

(L) Met a $2,000 Brutus at an antique mall in the Short North. (R) BuckeyeNation = HOME♥

And what better way to end than an amazing view from the 11th floor of Thompson Library? ♥

It’s Crunch-Time!


Have No Fear, Stephanie is Here!

What am I talking about?! I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing!

 Move-In Day at The Ohio State University is approaching quickly for those last-minute packers (like myself). The difficulty of leaving mommy and daddy’s house for the first time is setting in too, even for those who are excited. For an only child with parents dreading their experience of empty-nest syndrome, these next couple days are bound to be a little emotional!

Though I am clueless myself, I thought that my few pointers to avoid the nervousness about leaving may be helpful…

 Step #1: Take A Breather

A new experience awaits and, of course, that is a scary thought. We have no idea what we’re getting into and that makes us worry; the unknown is something nobody likes. Sit back and think about where you’ve been and where you’re going. The path is just beginning here, but to savor it, you must remember what you’ve done to get here. Personally, I think about graduation and the bits of fun I had in high school.

Step #2: Calm Yourself

It’s definitely okay to be afraid, nervous, and even anxious. Try to remember that while things are frightening at first, eventually you become accustomed and realize that there was nothing to be afraid of (like the monsters under the bed). If you’re like me, comfort food always helps; these days, it’s kettle corn. You can also make something that will reassure you like a map of campus noting where your classes, favorite study spots, or even friends’ dorms are located. Mine is below! 🙂

Step #3: Write it All Down

Whether it be blogging, typing, or using a good ol’ notebook (my personal preference), writing is a great way to get out the deepest and innermost thoughts spiraling around your head. With so much going on, it’s always nice to be able to release stress. Writing, doodling, and scribbling are all a wonderful part of the venting process!

Step #4: Spend Time with Family

It could be mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, your dog, or your fish. Whoever it is, you have to face the fact that you’re leaving them for a good amount of time. Of course, it’s different, and that’s why spending a good amount of time with family and friends before you leave is a perfect thing to get your mind off of leaving. My family and I went to Amish Country yesterday for a day of eating yummy food and window-shopping. Whether it’s going somewhere, playing a board game, or just sitting around the dinner table for once, spend some time with those you are leaving behind!

Step #5: Find What Makes You Comfortable

Leaving your neck of the woods is a little unsettling; a new room, new people and a new home await you at college. Take things that will remind you of the place and the people you have left behind. In my case, I printed some pictures to hang up around my room so I know that I’m never alone. Buying some college gear to make you feel more at home and a part of a group while on campus might be a great start to moving in. Check out my Buckeyes key-chain from Amish Country and my OSU tumblr cup! Hey, read the book! 🙂

Step #6: PACK

Okay, yeah…there isn’t really any way to make this more exciting but it is a necessary evil. My best advice would be staying organized and maybe spreading out so you remember what you’ve already packed. There are great packing lists and storage bins all over the place to help you feel more comfortable with packing everything up. For me, I decided to only take stuff for the end of summer and the beginning of fall because I’ll see my parents to exchange clothes before it gets colder!

What makes this process a little bit easier is remembering that every ending is a new beginning. Getting to college has taken twelve long years of hard work and determination. This is the start to our future!

Here We Come! New Buckeyes of 2012 🙂

Family & Friends Make the World Go ‘Round <3


Well, now that I’m in the mood…

I’ve decided that it is important to not only recognize the little things in life, but also those people who bring smiles to our days and laughter to our heart. I think sometimes they go unnoticed and we often fail to thank them for their influence in our lives. Well, here is my thank you to those dear folks in my life; who are yours?

♥ My Momma

I guess you could say that I would’t be here without her, huh? But besides that, she is a great friend and confidence when I really need her. Through the ups and the downs, she is always there for me and I feel lucky to call her mom.


I grew up as the daddy’s girl, a tomboy at heart. From pitching softballs in the front yard to learning how to use a lawnmower to playing Barbies, my dad did everything with me. I know that if I ever needed a thing, my dad would be right there before anybody else.

Grandma’s Cookies…

It wasn’t really the cookies, honestly, but my grandmas are the best. One taught me all about being a good person and the other took me to all the beaches in Huron just to see the water and play on the playgrounds. I could promise anyone that time spent with grandma is irreplaceable.

Best Friend.

The one who has gotten me through so much grief, tears, anger, smiles, and laughter: Justin. I know that no matter where we go in life, we will always be friends who love to goof off, have fun, and LAUGH. You are wonderful and I love you.


To have the one thing I’ve always wanted but never thought I would get is the best thing I could ever ask for. Jeremy, thank you for adopting me and loving me like any brother would. I couldn’t ask for a better big brother; you win overall.

Chorale Buddy 🙂

Oh Katie, what we have been through. From standing next to each other on the risers, to cuddling in bed at night, to showering together at our host houses, we have been through so much and still love each other to death. You are an amazing friend and I would be lost without youuuu.

Seesters are related friends♥

I was blessed with two beautiful half sisters who grew apart from me . . . maybe in distance, but never in heart, right? We’ve grown up to be great friends and that I am thankful for, along with my five lovely nieces and nephews!

High School Besties are never forgotten.

Rach and JordieLeigh: you got me through high school. From stupid fights, getting ready for dances, passing notes in class, sending each other crazy emails, all the way to visiting your sick friend in the hospital, you were both thee best friends I could ever ask for. I’m going to miss you so much! I already do. ♥

Oh, and my dog.

I know I mentioned him as a “thing” last night, but my dog is truly a person in my mind. This animal knows exactly when I’m upset and never leaves my side until I’m smiling. Call me crazy, but I love my dog.

“Friends and family are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life.”


My Ten Favorite Things (Other Than People)


I Believe:

Everyone has things in their lives that make the day simpler. I got this idea from another blog, though it was one hundred things (maybe I’ll get that far someday), but I thought it would be a great way to highlight the good things in life. I think sometimes we take the little things for granted and just get used to them….maybe after awhile we forget how important they are in our lives.Well, here are the top ten things in my life; what are yours?

#1. My Dog

The guy I’m going to miss the most while I’m at college! Adopted from a rescue shelter, my family and I helped nurse Jersey back to health; he was a tough little guy. I swear he understands me more than I think; he knows right when to be by my side!

#2. Notebooks

I sure love my writing! Now that I’ve adapted to writing my stories on the computer, I don’t use notebooks as often, but I used to fill them with my handwritten novellas. I have piles of them but still love to write away (:

#3. Music

Oh, my sweet escape. What emotion is there that music fails to describe?

#4. Lake Erie

I’ve grown up around it and it will always hold a place in my heart. Seeing the water always seems to calm any frustration..

#5. Lucky Charms

My breakfast every morning and sometimes a late-evening snack. It can be eaten moist or dry; it doesn’t matter!

#6. My Droid X

Since most of my friends live so far away, it’s nice to be able to keep in contact so easily. Honestly, the best phone ever made in my opinion! Can’t say I could go a day without it. ♥

#7. The Ohio State University

My newest home! The achievement I am most proud of….How firm thy friendship – OHIO! ♥

#8. My MacBook Pro

Truly the most useful companion. Perfect for my blog, social media, photo-editing, and story-writing!

#9. The Ohio State Fair

Ah, how the fair never ceases to amaze me! The food, the many different people, the animals, the rides, and the festivities! I don’t know if I can go a summer without visiting the good ‘ol fair, even when I’m out of the youth choir!

#10. Crocheting

Everyone needs something that calms them down and for me it would be crocheting. Whether I am sad, angry, or even happy, I can take it out on my work. What a wonderful hobby!

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

-Mother Teresa



Quote-Reading This Morning….

“I’ve learned that no matter how good a friend someone is,

they’re going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.”

I guess that reading this quote made me realize that no matter what, you are going to get hurt. Maybe hurting is a part of life – like we have to hurt to remember what being happy feels like? Going to Justin’s this weekend definitely reminded me of what happiness feels like – to get to do absolutely NOTHING at all but relax, attack pomegranates, and play Jenga. I feel like I’m always going and doing…. it makes it so difficult to just sit and do nothing when I know that there is something I could be doing.

But about being hurt. Yeah, it’s a given – you will get hurt. To be honest, though, there are people who take advantage of that and hurt you often. That is different than someone hurting you once or twice. I feel like there are sometimes you just HAVE to GET MAD!  I have this tendency to let things go but then stew over them by myself until I get so overwhelmed with feelings and then …

E X P L O D E!

I realized, though, that it is much easier to always remember that people are going to make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes may hurt you. While you don’t always have to get mad or upset, you certainly don’t have to be walked on either. Sometimes standing up for yourself is the hardest yet most rewarding thing you can do. It isn’t always easy and it doesn’t always fix the problem at hand, but when people think that you are weak, they can so simply make you feel that way!

Don’t let them. You are worth it.