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I have a few words to say about you. Yes, you.

First of all, did you know that you are special? That you are loved? That you are important to someone?

Did you know that you’re somebody’s reason to smile and you’re really talented at something?

I’m sure somebody has told you that you have some great quality; something about your personality is awesome.

In fact, I bet there’s somebody somewhere saying or thinking something great about you right now.


Where am I going with this? Well, from here – now that you’re smiling a little – I wanted to just remind you to be yourself.

Are you laughing at my cliché reminder? Well, stop. This is serious. Be yourself.

If I have learned anything in these past few months, it’s that you should never let the world’s opinion of you change you.

Face it, we are already a product of society; how we act, the way we dress, the things we say are all factors that we have learned from the world around us. BUT. There is some reason that we are not all the same. The reason is that there is nobody in this world that is capable of being as good at being you, than you! (I know, it gets more cliché as I go). 


Really, though. No matter what ugly gossip is going around about you. No matter what those girls say behind your back in the break room. No matter what people say you’re bad at. No matter what magazines tell you that your style is lame. No matter what your talent(s) is/are. No matter what time you get in the 5K. No matter what your horoscope says. YOU ARE YOU, and nobody can change that unless you let them. 


Food for thought. ♥




Read This:



Living someone else’s life. That has most definitely been my problem.

What I have learned is this: one day, you will learn that you’ve done too much for someone, that eventually you will see that you aren’t giving up, it’s just that you have nothing left to give. It will become clear that the only thing you can do is walk away and stop doing everything. This is called drawing the line, drawing the line between determination and desperation. I’ve learned that the things that are meant to be yours, eventually will be, and what is not yours, no matter how hard you try, never will be.

So yes. This is hard; this is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It isn’t easy to just stop. It isn’t easy to walk away from something to which you have devoted hours and hours of your life. But what would be better if I stayed? Would I be better? Would I be happier?


I never believed this before, but in the end, all you have is YOU.

Just you. Only you can determine your fate, your future, and your dreams – unless, of course, you let someone dictate that for you. But eventually, that will get old and you will be alone. You will have you. You will have your brain. You will have your thoughts. And what you choose to do with those things is up to YOU.

Let me tell you. Depression is real. Anxiety is real. They make medications for these things, yes. They have counselors and psychologists and psychiatrists all over the world that you can talk to every single day. But if YOU are not determined to feel better, no matter how many drugs you take, you will never get better.

This isn’t to make you feel bad, okay. This is just to remind you that if you want to achieve your dreams, no one is going to push you but you. Your friends, your family, your whoever can encourage you and support you, but if you don’t truly want it and motivate yourself, you won’t reach your goals. So in the end, being happy is a choice. Letting go is a choice, and trust me, this hasn’t been easy for me to accept.

I had to let go of something I dedicated my life to – even if it was the right thing to do – and it was and is still extremely difficult. Sometimes I’m sad. Sometimes I’m terribly angry. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I want to give up. But I know that if I ever want to get where I’ve always wanted to go, I have to push myself. And yeah, that means waking up every single day and counting my blessings to remind myself to be positive. And yeah, that means talking myself out of my sadness and my anger sometimes so I can accomplish what I need to do.

From letting this go, I’ve reminded myself that I matter. That I am the most important thing in my life, because without me, I wouldn’t have a life. If I didn’t take care of myself, there would be no point to living. If I followed what everyone else wanted of me, I wouldn’t have a purpose. Everything else is secondary to that, to what I need. Trust me, that isn’t selfish; everyone deserves it.


Eighteen Candles!


Cheers! I’m eighteen!

Surprisingly, this is the one birthday where I actually feel older than I did before. With graduation and college coming up and having been sick, I feel as though I’ve had to make a lot of “adult” decisions lately. Hey, it’s time right?

It’s been a long and quick eighteen years depending on which instance you look at, but I have learned and changed so much! So, for my big day, I decided to share eighteen bits of knowledge that I’ve gathered over the years. (:

#1. Life isn’t always a beach.

There are times when you are happy and times when you are sad. That’s just how it is. Look forward to the happy times and try to be positive during the sad ones. (:

#2. What goes around, comes around.

Hate to say it, but sometimes, those little things you say will come back to bite you in the butt if you aren’t careful! Always think of how what you say may affect another – we’re all guilty of this at one time or another!

#3. Regretting doesn’t change what happened.

Try as you might, what’s done is done and you can only try to fix what has happened, not go back and change it.

#4. You feel good about what you work for.

 Unless it’s just me, the things that you work hard for, whether it be a new purse, a good grade, or just plain cash, are more valuable than the things you are given.

#5. Bad things can make you stronger.

Unfortunately, sometimes utterly terrible things happen throughout life. Luckily, though, these sorts of experiences can make a person stronger than they have ever been. ♥

#6. Live each day like it’s your last.

You never know when your time is up! Smile, be happy, take some time for you, and enjoy being alive – it’s a gift!

#7. Cherish the moments you have.

Sometimes moments with certain people are limited whether it be family, friends, or acquaintances. Enjoy and relish in those moments because you never know when your “see ya laters” may be the last time. ♥

#8. Best friends are the people who stand by you through the good and the bad.

There are so many people who hit the road running when the going gets tough. A true friend will stand by you through thick and through thin. Sometimes your best friends may be just a few people, and hey! That’s okay!

#9. Failures don’t define you.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: everybody makes mistakes. It’s true. Even the biggest geniuses in this world made mistakes to find their way.

Every failure is just a stepping stone to success!

#10. Take time for yourself.

With the hustle and bustle of day-t0-day life, you just have to take some time to CHILL. You may think you can keep going, but eventually, you will blow! Relax!

#11. It is OKAY to cry sometimes.

I don’t know if you do or don’t hate to cry, but be reassured that is is OKAY to cry. In fact, crying doesn’t show weakness; it shows that you’ve been strong for too long. Give yourself a little release sometimes, okay?

#12. Remind yourself that you are special.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that we’re all special people. Well, my friends, each person in this world is here for a purpose. You may not know what yours is yet – heck, I don’t even know mine! – but no one else can fulfill your purpose except for you!

#13. Never give up.

You’ve heard it before, but if you want something, go for it and don’t stop until you get there. Nothing is impossible if you just believe in yourself and your ability!

#14. SMILE.

Corny as it may be, smile! You’d be surprised at how much  a single smile can change your whole day around.

And guess what? You can do the same thing for others by sharing your smile!

#15. There is a time and place for everything.

Sometimes you may not understand the things happening in your life, but just remember that everything happens for a reason. ♥

#16. Find something you love.

No matter who you are, there is something in this world that you LOVE to do! Embrace it. Even when we feel like we don’t have the time, these hobbies are what keep us sane.

For me, it is blogging and photography and I always make time for it.

#17. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box.

We all have our fears and we tend to stay inside our comfort zones. While that is okay, try to step outside once in a while. You may learn something new about yourself or about another person. Don’t let a fear keep you hiding!

And most importantly…

#18. It is okay to be DIFFERENT.

The one thing I have learned above all else in my eighteen years of life is that it is okay to be your own person. Even if you feel left out sometimes, stick to your guns! Why? Because we were all made originals, so there is no reason to be a copy.

In eighteen years, I’ve learned a lot, and I’m so excited to gather much more information and hopefully post 19 different things next year (: I’m so thankful for my parents who have helped me get this far and who have always encouraged me to be the best I can be. I’m also thankful for all my friends and family who have stuck by me and have never failed to make me laugh.♥

Thank you to you, too, followers and readers for liking and commenting on my posts – it makes the blogging even more fun (:

Hey mom, I’m a big kid now ♥



Sleeping Doesn’t Come Easy…

“How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes,

I struggle to find any truth in your lies.

And now my heart stumbles on things I don’t know;

My weakness I feel I must finally show.

Lend me your hand and we’ll conquer them all,

But lend me your heart and I’ll just let you fall.

Lend me your eyes; I can change what you see,

But your soul you must keep totally free.

Har har, har har. Har har, har har.”

The lyrics of Awake My Soul by Mumford & Sons haunt me this morning as I cannot sleep. I think the mixture of medicines I’ve been given for my back either make me extremely drowsy or keep me from getting a wink of sleep. It seems as though I am tired during the day and then awake at night – nocturnal much?  My mom came into my room this morning and laid with me for a while after she put ice on my back (say 2:30 a.m.) and at around 4:00 we got up and ate. So here I am blogging at 4:49 a.m. pretty drowsy, I must say.

Justin talked to me for a bit before bed which was nice; he’s been busy lately and we haven’t had much time to talk. I felt better after hearing his voice, even if it was only for a little while. Mom talked to me the whole time she was laying with me; neither of us could sleep. Now Jersey is beside me on the couch, completely knocked out – I’m so jealous!

Luckily, in these past few days I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life to take care of me and my back. My mom, first of all, has been so wonderful – taking me to the ER, getting my pills, rotating between ice and heat, talking to me and keeping my company, getting my food, etc. I’m so glad I don’t have to do it all by myself – I would probably just cry.

Hopefully I will get to feeling better soon; I hate missing work and school! On a more positive note, though, I ordered my prom dress this weekend, though, and I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can bedazzle it for May 5th (:

Here are some pictures that have made me smile lately:


Words Hurt


I found a quote this morning….

“Bruises mark the surface; words sink in deep.”

I pondered this quote after reading it once or twice and realizing its relevance. I’ve been wondering lately about how people can possibly be so hurtful without a care in the world and this quote made me see what an impact words have on others. While some words are often misunderstood and taken in a different context, some are said with intention to sting deep within another person. Of course, everyone is guilty of saying something hurtful at least once in his or her life, if just once is even possible. But what about those people that consistently hurt our feelings? What do we do about them?

To be quite honest with you, I didn’t approach this blog post with any advice because I really have no idea myself; this is just a wandering thought. It just amazes me how some people have the inability to be kind and caring, how some can just speak hate without thinking and without regretting. It’s truly sad, I have to say; I wish the world could be filled with peaceful and happy people!

Question to Ponder: How can you profess to know someone so well but say the things you know will hurt his or her feelings?

I know my blog is usually full of sunshine and inspiration, but I guess the sky is a bit overcast today. :/

When you say things, think about the effect they may have on the person with whom you are talking. Please.

There Is A Time <3


“To everything there is a season, to everything there is a time;

For every purpose under Heaven, there is a time, a proper time.

To live and die, to plant and harvest; to kill and heal, to wreck and build.

To cry and laugh, to mourn and dance; there is a time, a proper time.

A time to cast away, to bring together; A time to be embraced, to be alone.

To find and lose, to keep and give; there is a time.

To tear apart, to mend together; to be silent  and to speak.

To love and hate for war and peace; there is a time, a proper time.”

-To Everything There Is A Season (sung by the All-Ohio Youth Choir)


The lyrics of this song are almost directly taken from the lovely Ecclesiastes 3, one of my favorite passages in the Bible. Why, you ask? Because it is a definite reassurance of what oft seems so obvious – everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it is so hard to remember when something takes us by surprise or completely knocks us off our feet.

I’ve seen how important and relevant this song has been in the past week – sorry about my lack of blogging, I needed some time to myself – when everything seemed to be a whirlwind of “wrong.” I guess I’ve seen that no matter what happens, there is a reason for everything and everything will turn out how it is supposed to. This passage ties in with the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” concept because you can always try to make it through the rough times.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I’ll be back on Monday 🙂


When I Hear Music <3


“I hear music in the wind,

It wakens me to sing a song of love of beauty;

A melody, a symphony.

I feel music in my heart, every song I sing;

It carries me to yesterday, a lullaby, a memory.

There are so many songs unsung, so much hope to bring.

You’ve set my life to music, I’ll sing on.

You’ve left and imprint on my heart; You’ve taught me how to love.

You’ve taught me how to live a life that’s filled with music;

A passion yet to give.

When I hear laughter, when I hear singing, when I hear music,

I think of you.”

-“When I Hear Music”, sung by the 2010 All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir

This song never fails to prove how important music is in my life. Without the deep impression that music itself has given me and the people it has brought me to, I wouldn’t be who I am. I was so lucky to be exposed to music at such a young age; this song reminds people to think of the first person who “set their life to music.”

Music has brought me so close to some irreplaceable people in my life. Youth Choir friends, you are on my mind today as I prepare to drive to Coshocton on Saturday. Wherever life takes you, you will always find a home in music and the people you’ve reached with your song. Remember that life is a song and love is the words. If you remember that, you will never be led astray. ♥