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Don’t Think Twice


So, we all know I love

Peter, Paul and Mary


Okay, in case you’re unfamiliar, they were super popular in the 1960s for their folk music.

They did a cover of one of Bob Dylan’s pieces that is personally one of my favorites, Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right. 

I feel inspired by this today.

This song could probably be interpreted as one about a break-up, obviously, but I feel like it’s more than that. It’s as if the narrator is walking away from something that he appreciated and loved, and most likely learned something from, and he’s just giving himself a little pep talk. Like “hey, I know this sucks, but it’s going to be all right.

It’s really a pure genius of a song:


It ain’t no use to sit and wonder why, babe; it don’t matter anyhow.

And it ain’t no use to sit and wonder why, babe, if you don’t know by now.

When the rooster crows at the break of dawn, look out your window and I’ll be gone.

You’re the reason I’m traveling on; don’t think twice, it’s all right.


To me, this song is sort of  saying, “I’m not happy anymore and I can tell that you don’t really care about me, so I’m just gonna go.” Obviously, it isn’t that easy to get up and go, but you know what I mean. I think I’ve spent so much time feeling sad and angry that I haven’t thought about the good times – maybe I’m not quite ready yet – and that is what has made it so hard. When you’re constantly wondering “why,” your mind sort of sticks in one place.

So I think I’m at that point where it’s time to say that I’m ready to move on. Not to someone else, but with my life. I’m ready to do what I want without question, ready to live without worry, ready to follow my dreams! I understand that I’ve been able to do that for a while now, but I just don’t know if I’ve allowed myself to put my whole heart into that ability. Honestly, it’s a really scary thing!

There is no hold on me anymore.

And if you’re feeling the same way today, I hope you know that you are free, too.


It ain’t no use in callin’ out my name, gal – like you never did before.

And it ain’t no use in callin’ out my name, gal; I can’t hear you anymore.

I’m a-thinkin’ and a-wonderin’, walkin’ down the road;

I once loved a woman, a child I’m told; I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul.

But don’t think twice, it’s all right.


Music, Music, Music…


Today in class….

In my Honors English IV class we are beginning The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. To get some background on the book and the setting, Afghanistan, our teacher gave us a few handouts. One included the restrictions for Afghan men and women under Taliban rule. While these were all ridiculous, of course, one stuck out more than the rest: no one can listen to music. I’m sure you all know from my bio that music plays a key role in my life so this restriction left me dumbstruck.

Imagine a world without music….No lullaby to lull a fussy baby to slumber. No love songs to express your emotion. No “Happy Birthday” on your big day. No bouncing bass from open windows in the summertime. No piano lessons for children. No background tones in your favorite scary movie. No fiddles or banjos during a square-dance. No reason for iTunes. No dance parties. NO SONG. NO VOICE. NO MUSIC.

In Youth Choir, we sing a song called “The Awakening” by Joseph M. Martin. The lyrics of the song are truly incredible and I would encourage anyone to look it up on YouTube. It would give anyone sheer goosebumps! Here are a few stanzas:

No alleluia! Not one hosanna! No song of love! No lullaby!

And no choir sang to change the world; I dreamed a dream.

No pipers played, no dancers twirled; I dreamed a dream.

A silent dream. Awake, awake!

Awake, awake my soul and sing, the time for praise has come.

The silence of the night has passed; a new day has begun!

Let music never die in me; forever let my spirit sing!

Wherever void or dark is found let there be joy and glorious sound

Let music never die in me; forever let my spirit sing!

Let all our voices join as one to praise the Giver of the song.

Awake, awake! Let music live!

 As Stevie Wonder once said:

“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.”

A silent world would be nothing short of a tragedy. ♥

Drops of Jupiter (:


Drops of Jupiter – Train

“But tell me, did you sail across the sun?

Did you make it to the Milky Way

To see the lights all faded

And that heaven is overrated?

Tell me, did you fall for a shooting star?

One without a permanent scar

And then you missed me

While you were looking for yourself out there?”

I woke up to this amazing song this morning, introduced to me by my best friend, Rachel, and also adored by my boyfriend. In fact, listening to a mixed CD as I got ready for school this morning made me realize how much my life revolves around music! I listen to music when I do homework, when I blog, when I get ready, when I’m driving … and for every emotion I could possibly feel, there is a song to match: happy, sad, irritated, angry, etc. etc. etc.

Then there are songs to mark certain occasions, too! Think about your birthday, what always happens? People sing the “Happy Birthday” song in a multitude of different languages all across the globe. There are holiday songs as well. It just shows how much music can make a mark in a person’s life.

For me, I was thinking about how certain songs remind you of a special time or a special person. This song particularly reminds me of my boyfriend and one of our favorite groups, Train. Their music seems to describe our hippie ways more than any other group. ♥

Then it ends:

“But tell me, did the wind sweep you off your feet?

Did you finally get the chance

To dance along the light of day

And head back to the Milky Way?

And tell me, did Venus blow your mind?

Was it everything you wanted to find?

And then you missed me

While you were looking for yourself out there.”

I highly recommend a listen to this song 🙂

Sorry I haven’t blogged in forever – I’m back!

When I Hear Music <3


“I hear music in the wind,

It wakens me to sing a song of love of beauty;

A melody, a symphony.

I feel music in my heart, every song I sing;

It carries me to yesterday, a lullaby, a memory.

There are so many songs unsung, so much hope to bring.

You’ve set my life to music, I’ll sing on.

You’ve left and imprint on my heart; You’ve taught me how to love.

You’ve taught me how to live a life that’s filled with music;

A passion yet to give.

When I hear laughter, when I hear singing, when I hear music,

I think of you.”

-“When I Hear Music”, sung by the 2010 All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir

This song never fails to prove how important music is in my life. Without the deep impression that music itself has given me and the people it has brought me to, I wouldn’t be who I am. I was so lucky to be exposed to music at such a young age; this song reminds people to think of the first person who “set their life to music.”

Music has brought me so close to some irreplaceable people in my life. Youth Choir friends, you are on my mind today as I prepare to drive to Coshocton on Saturday. Wherever life takes you, you will always find a home in music and the people you’ve reached with your song. Remember that life is a song and love is the words. If you remember that, you will never be led astray. ♥